Frequently Asked Questions provides advertisement services with affiliate commission and users earnings merely depend on their own efforts and management skills.
Our website based  in on multifunctional  invest PTC system (Paid To Click) but with new features and Blockchain methods.
Advertiser pays for displaying ads  and have real users watch their ads. A part of this payment  90 % goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement and   part of this payment  10 % goes to support our platform.
Get an Income System based on REALITY not HYPE!



Register with a valid email address (preferably G-mail) Fill out the form carefully.
For your security, besides the password, there is also a PIN code that you will need for every further action on our platform, change of account, payment systems, cash withdrawal and more.
An email confirmation link will be sent to you.
After confirmation you can sign in  your personal account.
To be a member of our team you need to your activate  account and make deposit.

See below where you want to invest them to start making money


You can earn money in many ways :
- clicking PTC Ads (all ads reset after 24h) 
- making tasks,GPT/CPA offer
- buy Ad pack see advertishment to earn up to 180%
- invest in company shares an earn up to 200%
- Advertishe and earn the same time.
- participate Contests and ern more bonuses

Step 1
Click on a daily task to view daily ads to activate the platform's remaining features.
Go to the EARN => PTC section, click on ads (you can also press the SURF button to watch ads automatically).
Wait for the loading time, answer the question by clicking on the good picture and clicking the SEND button.

Step 2
Go to the CPA / GPT look for an offer that interests you and you can win more.

Step 3
Go to the Revenue Share =>  Buy Profit AD package
Create an advertising campaign and pay the number of packages you want.
Submit for approval.
Prodit Pack is  program that guarantees YOU earnings  per click depending on the number of Ad Packs you purchase you also get to advertise your own products and links.
To get paid money from this ad package the next day, you need to watch a minimum of 5 ads today Revenue Share =>  Surf

Step 4
Go to the Investments
Buy Company shares and ern more.
You do not need to watch ads to receive money every day for this section only

Step 5
Go To Upgrade 
Select the package according to your options and wishes and buy It.

Come in every day for a few minutes and earn more and more.

Step 6
Advertishe and earn up to 10% cash back.

Referrals are users like you. They earn money for you when they view advertisements.
There are two types of referrals: Direct and Indirect.
Direct : Direct Referrals are users who register with your recommendation...
You can find your refferal link in users cabinet => refferals=> links&tools
You have to click each day at least 4 ads to earn money comission from your referrals.
(If 1 day you don't click at least 4 ads, the next day you don't earn referrals comission).


You can use Bitcoin to deposit.
- To deposit you can use automatic payments processors if you have Coinpayment 
- If you have Payeer account, you can use your country currency to deposit (click "Deposit").

Cashout are processed Instantly via CoinPayments and Payeer procesors.
The minimum payment is according to your membership and the amount of funds invested.
Verification of your account is required to be eligible for cashout. We will send you an e-mail to confirm the withdrawal.
For withdraw, save your bitcoin adress here  Users profile =>Setting=>Payments
To protected you, when bitcoin adress change, you have to wait 3 days to withdraw.
Withdrawal tax 10%.

Only one account per computer is allowed to view advertisements
Account became inactive after 31 days and 0.0000005 BTC fees was apply each days.
Account expire after 45 days of inactivity and balances was  be reset.

For vacantion mode go  Users profile =>Setting=>Vacantion mode

Purchase Balance can not be converted to Main Balance. 
Purchase balance can be used for all purchase related action throw out the website.
Please note that you will not be able to withdraw your purchase balance!

Use shoutbox  for pacific discussion and ask questions about site features.